We provide personal solutions for individuals and families to help them improve their relationships through a process that promotes mutual understanding and appreciation of differences. Pastors, counselors, life coaches are encouraged to integrate these solutions to enhance outcomes. We also welcome requests from individuals and families.

Career Planning Insights

Trying to decide on a career choice but not sure if it’s really you? Not feeling like your current job suits your personality?

This in depth assessment will provide:

- insight on your natural work style, values and interests
- suggest careers that may be a good match for you

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family relationships

Want to understand and communicate better with a loved one?

This assessment gives you insight into:

  • Your own unique style
  • How others perceive you
  • Suggestions for improved family relating
  • Provides others with practical information on how best to communicate with you
  • How best to communicate with you

Assessment is appropriate for ages 12 and older.


relationship insights

Want to understand and connect better with someone you care about?

Great for Couples wanting to improve their relationships. Also great for Individuals wanting to improve how they relate to others.

  • General Characteristics about You
  • Your Style Preferences (Wants)
  • Your Relationship Strengths
  • Communication Preferences (Keys & Barriers)
  • Relational Hinderances